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Loz says

"THEY DO NOT PROCESS REFUNDS UNTIL YOU CHASE THEM. Every time I return something to Weekday I have to chase for a refund. If I do not do this, they do not refund the money. It's happened about 5 times now and I'm at the point of not shopping with them anymore. I love the brand and have bought so much from them over the years, but their customer service is a joke."

Lindsey Steele says

"Returned item nearly a month ago and have received no confirmation of return and no payment received. Will not order from this website again. Also they use Hermes and the delivery charge is nearly £7 which is ridiculous."

Jon says

"Usually very good, but this time it is appalling!! I have not received any information about an order placed 2 weeks ago with next day delivery - all I have is that a pick up is scheduled and the order will arrive soon. Customer services do not respond to emails, calls, facebook messenger... nothing! My brother still hasn't received his christmas gift that was ordered well in advance!"

klant says

"I ordered 3 items, I want to send one item back because the size doesn't fit. I try to login with my password (the one I used to order the articles a few days before) but it is not accepted. So I ask for a password reset, by clicking the 'forgot password' button. After that the weekday website tells me to check my mailbox for a password reset link. Makes me happy so I go to my mailbox, and press the refresh button over and over, but weekday didn't send me an email.I don't receive the mail, nothing at all, neither in my spam. What can I do to return my article? I really like it but it's too big for me, I want to exchange it for a smaller size. Thank you for helping me out!"

Charlie Tolland says

"I ordered some bottoms and you delivered the wrong colour and my emails won’t send to you ???"

Inge Hendriks says

"At first, I ordered something but it went wrong somehow and so I lost my money. After a few days I finally received my money back. So I tried to order the items again, which went okay. I received my order and I sent back a few of the items which I did not want to keep. But I never got my money back. Worst experience ever. I do not trust this webshop and won’t be ordering something from it again."

Charis Cooper says

"I found about this company through asos, I then ordered from them directly just over a year ago and don’t remember any issues and was really happy with what I bought. I’ve again bought from them again through asos and on Tuesday ordered 3 items directly. No where on there website does it say about despatch delays just 2-3 working days delivery but deliveries may suffer delays. I thought no problem, delivery was free due to how much I spent and thought the £10 next day delivery was far too expensive considering the actual cost of this for the business. Thursday my order was finally despatched?! I’ve contacted their customer service who both times have ignored the fact that it’s not a delivery delay but a delay with themselves as Hermes are coping pretty well at the moment considering everything as I work closely with them myself for the company I work for. Left feeling that they don’t really care for their customers, with little honesty, extortionate delivery pricing and useless customer service, they as well have robots answering."

Mahdah says

"The customer service is a joke. They don’t help you at all. All they can do is giving you a auto generated response as well as questioning and making you seem like you’re wrong they are right. Never experienced a dreadful customer service like this."

Hans says

"I'm afraid this is a bad experience. You can easily return the jeans, but to get your refund you will have to inform weekday information my danish bank say are a security breach. No go! Zalando does it, H&M does it, thousends of online companies does it. Use the information that we as buyers provide to buy the product when ever a refund is required. Come on Weekday - get a grib!"

Billie says

"I ordered 4 items from the Weekday website, all in organic cotton. I cannot fault the quality of the fabrics they use: soft cotton, but the sizes were nuts and the delivery time very long. Each item was huge on me and the styles very unflattering."

Lizzie Peters says

"I really like Weekday’s clothes, particularly their Mika jeans, but the sizing is so inconsistent! You never know what kind of fit you’re going to get (particularly annoying now as you can’t try stuff on!) I bought a pair of jeans, 25 waist and 30 leg, but decided to exchange for a 28 leg as they were too long. However when I tried on the new pair I could barely do them up - they were so tight! And they were supposed to be the same waist size as the 30 leg (which actually ran a little roomy). I’ve found this with a few different styles now, so it’s not like I just got a dodgy batch or something. Very frustrating."

English Portuguese says

"If you are ordering from weekday and are from Canada, just be aware that they are hefty duty fees that the website does not disclose is not taken into consideration of the price of the clothes. Considering that the website is already so expensive, had I known that the duty fees would be a 3rd of the value I paid for my stuff, I would probably of reconsidered buying it. They should disclose of duty fees for every country."

Amila says

"First time ordering online from weekday. Delivery was pretty efficient but I received a completely different item to the one I ordered. Customer service weren’t helpful at all and took them about a week to reply to my query. I’m hesitant of ordering from them online due to the inconvenience of the returns and lack of care for the customer due to a mistake made on their behalf."

Connor says

"First found Weekday on vacation in Berlin and thought the clothes were excellent in store. Now back in the UK thought i'd check them out online for delivery. Received delivery quickly and without hassle via Hermes (which is very hit and miss). However, not happy with the packaging at all. Everything individually wrapped in plastic, and held together with more plastic. None of this is recyclable. I know it's ironic buying into fast-fashion and complaining about single-use plastics, but in 2020 surely this is unnacceptable. I won't order from them again."

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